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-Improve Quality of Life in Our Community with Emphasis on Low-Income

-Support Local Businesses

-Police Oversight Committee

-Local Domestic Abuse, Sexual Assault, Addiction, and Mental Health Situations

Hello, My name is Stacey Ballard I have lived in Tahoe on and off since 1997. I am an artist, business owner, and published author. I worked at Grass Roots in retail for almost 10 years. I volunteered and taught art with the BATS Program as well as our Boys and Girls Club for underprivileged youth. Finally, I spent over three years on the South Y Community Plan Team in an effort to help redirect community funds to develop the local’s end of town. 


That’s what you’ll see on my candidate statement. What you might not know about me is that I’ve had multiple surgeries at Barton, spending months in the hospital at a time, and had to be flown out of our local airport to save my life when I was dying of organ failure. I have lived most of my life with chronic illness and I went through my toughest years while living in Tahoe. I experienced what it felt like to have the community rally around me and offer steadfast support. That’s what got me through each day. Tahoe is now facing one of its toughest moments; we’re seeing an excess of trash, traffic, and over-tourism. I have a deep love for this town, it was there for me in one of the most difficult times of my life, and now I am ready and able to give back. I am running to help other locals, like myself, attain the quality of life we all deserve. 

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