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701. Government Finance


The United States was founded as a free-market capitalist society.  Once since then, monopolistic special interests bought out politicians to pass their personal gains into law to the point of producing mass economic devastation.  Exceptions for bribery, the governed being locked out of their own consent, the mass outsourcing of labor opportunity to immigrant program workers and now overseas, the importation of price-dumping crap goods, and other categorical attacks on economic common sense sound familiar.  A free market is defined as one where everyone has the freedom to compete, not just the biggest competitors.  In order to protect the rights of small businesses and the working poor, the founders gave the Congress overtly broad power to "regulate commerce," and reformers since then made antitrust laws after the gilded age.  Unfortunately, the Congress uses these powers to stack the deck for special interests far more often, for the opposite of what they are written to do, so that power is clearly too broad.  Our ruling class has written so many special interest laws that they have almost repealed the American dream by making it next to impossible to move up in the world or even earn a decent living in many places without insider connections.  The richest among us will turn our country into the third world before ever investing back into everyone who made their success possible.  Even college degrees are becoming too bottlenecked with special-interest sciences for graduates to obtain stable employment, and they are more like a tuition-debt cartel scheme to perpetuate impoverishment and peer review real misinformation.  The extremely lopsided, unlawful nature of our laws today have produced unconstitutional titles of inherited nobility while the rest of us are doing all the footwork for these worldwide, billion-dollar industrial headworks.  Privately raising wages entitles businesses to write-offs, and yet so many global companies produce the harm that is a result when profit margins are not offset, all of that money is removed from the circular flow of our economy, and then the government makes incomplete wage-floor laws without offsets for small businesses instead.  Regardless of any oversimplifications from either side, the economic impacts of our boundless free trade economy, where antitrust laws are enforced backwardly on small businesses if at all and politicians carelessly play with monetary policy, have reached a new "serf-economy nobility," gilded-age level, so we must reinforce a free-market economy.


Taxes are arguably the largest contributing factor to the success of the revolution and are starting to have that feel again.  Radical views of the Thirteenth Amendment have equated excessive taxes and fees with the theft of the fruits of one's labor.  Left wing advocates preach high taxes as a means for demand-side social welfare policies, but even the collection of regressive, so-called "trickle-down" taxes have still resulted in a burdensome taxation empire where way too much of our money is universally wasted against the consent of the governed.  The list of all taxable properties/concepts is too big for this page.  Furthermore, the "Roosevelt-Eisenhower" taxes they cite were not for wealth redistribution, but were instead a supply-and-demand protection against the private power to bribe politicians, officials, and parts of the government.  The left also always points at Reagan even though Kennedy was the first to change these laws.  The left wing solution of letting government collect and hold all that money is at least as bad as the confused socialism we have now, so the elite must spend their money in a way that does not stack the deck and end us up in the same bottlenecks again.  Most of the problems today are a result of powerful special interests patronizing political campaigns so they can pass their own laws that stack the deck with artificialized "legality" in their favor, namely at the taxpayer's expense.  The terrible fact is that human nature tends to buy up an economy and take away the rights of others through unlawful advantages when one has so much money that they have everything they want and don't know what else to buy.  Meanwhile, gas prices are crippling, and we can't have baby formula before having expensive, foreign wars.  Now that the elite have manufactured a ruling class and may as well have built Hollywood-style underground shelters as they pit us against eachother, instead, the inherited parts of their "hard work" must be reinvested into their businesses, our country, and the world.  It's boundless free trade versus a free market.  Politics is about making deals, and if our politicians cannot break from oversimplifications and make a deal, what the hell are we doing?  All of the ideological boxes have some good ideas and a lot of bad ones, and history has shown over and over that limiting yourself to one box produces a lot of bad results.  We desperately need to completely reconstruct OUR tax code!

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