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Recent precedent makes Joe Biden categorically disqualifiable from holding the office of President.  As a result of the state of our election laws, Biden was not qualified to nominate a Vice President but did anyway, and the same vacancy exists.

The repeat of Art. II(6) provisions in Amd. XXV reserves the several States the power to fill vacancies in the office of President whenever the office of the Vice President is also vacant.  Statutory succession (3 USC 19) is unconstitutional because Amd. X prohibits the federal government from usurping the Amd. XXV power.

Furthermore, the case at hand is not so simple.  Investigations and investigations of the investigations shadow the entire matter under sensational soundbytes and distracting, mainstream smokescreens.  If Democrats in power are so serious, why aren't they investigating the possibility that Secretary Pompeo and President Trump's foreign policy may have contributed to one million coronavirus deaths?  If Republicans in power are so serious, why exactly was constitutional legality not already carried into execution?

The perpetual failure of government to obey its own laws creates a constitutional-crisis level need for legal action.  Americans alive during most generations technically never had the opportunity to consent to or reject the boundless, growing immunities to constitutional law today.  What other initial remedies exist than to examine our elections for a solution and instruct our public servants to hold a sunsetting Art. V convention, with the ability to test our results before finalizing them?  I am preparing to file for historic, class-action constitutional accountability relief.   

We will use our rights in court to make the global elite
hold the first constitutional recall and conventions in history in order to lawfully correct the sitting presidency of Donald J. Trump and reinforce clarity in existing constitutional law and order!  And let us constitutionally enforce the supreme law of the land because we already know that govt does not enforce it upon itself!

-Bobby Gonzales
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