Joe Biden is not legally qualified to hold the office of President, therefore, he was not qualified to nominate a Vice President but did anyway.

Presidential succession is unconstitutional because the federal government is prohibited from usurping the power of the several States to fill the vacancy, so we will restore States rights so that Kamala and Nancy cannot take power.  The perpetual failure of States to obey their own laws creates a constitutional-crisis level need for legal action.  I am preparing to file for class-action constitutional accountability relief.

We will hold the first constitutional 
recall and convention in history in order to lawfully correct the sitting presidency of Donald J. Trump and establish constitutional law and order!  Build a community of the constitutional law of the union at your local parks every weekend.  Post videos of creative activities at your events on the internet.  Demand the swamped local media's attention for their failure to acknowledge constitutional substance themselves. 

And let us constitutionally enforce the supreme law of the land whenever government cannot be expected to enforce it upon itself!