The founders built a great constitutional machine, but old engines leak after 200+, so it is time for an Article V tune up!  At minimum, we need to seal and rebuild parts of the engine with limits on liabilities in general for "violent, harmful, and corrupt" injustices (instead of using the meaningless legal gibberish we use now). 

We also need a new transmission to shift to accountable courts where the rule of law overrules judicial power, and we need to replace the fuel intake "departments" so the courts are capable of hearing the cases they would be getting right now if law applied to government like it applies to the rest of us.  We need a new set of pumps to relieve the burdens on offices of entire jurisdictions so there is time to investigate government crimes as well as the highest priorities in private society, and so we don't end up in the same place as we are in now or worse.  We need an upgraded cooling system in the form of stronger limits on government power in general.  And we desperately need a complete overhaul of the old wiring so the taxpayer's liability and budget reflects the consent of the governed and is not spent on waste. 

The rest of the world models itself after our worn vessel so much for a reason.  We should not waste what is still good, but we are living through why we cannot depend on what is unreliable, and I think it is WAAY worth keeping.