Why keep donating millions to professionals who exploit government that continuously does almost nothing but harm us?  All funds donated to this site will be spent on fathering the constitutional accountability that politicians and others often claim to be pioneering.  Please SOCIALLY GATHER with friends and family at local parks for our Constitution EVERY WEEKEND/MONTH until we arrange our nationwide class action and accountability gathering!

Elections are not the only ongoing
"constitutional crisis!"  Just imagine the clarity for our separation of powers if the Congress were limited only to accountability, foreign policy, and to make rules for the courts of the union.

I am a longtime, independent student of Constitutional Law who earned an adult-learner scholarship at a top-ten public University.  I have discovered constitutional presidential removal alternatives to impeachment and disability as well as ways to enforce constitutional accountability.  However, unusual circumstances on campus, possibly only related to masks during the virus, lead to their BOLD suspension of me shortly after starting.  Even though I am accredited for hundreds/thousands of years of other people’s works just because I talk about their conclusions, I'm never implying that I nor they have all of the answers.